Cristina Hodgson, mother of two, born in Wimbledon, London, currently lives in southern Spain. Cristina had a long career in sport reaching national and international level and still actively participates in Triathlon races and enjoys outdoor activities. In her spare time she also enjoys reading and writing. She won a sports scholarship to Boston College. After a period in Boston, she returned to the U.K and graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in PE and Sports Science.

A little of Chantelle Rose is her debut novel. Amazingly, it has nothing to do with running!

Below: Cristina Hodgson: “Spanish National indoor veteran track championships 2016. 800m  final start line. Despite the nerves I can hear my son and daughter cheering me on, I turn to them and blow them a kiss…”







  1. Shirin Aguiar
    15 November, 2019 @ 16:50

    Beautiful website x


    • Cristina
      15 November, 2019 @ 18:38

      Thanks Shirin, I’m glad you like it! xx


  2. Michael Norman-Smith
    7 October, 2017 @ 10:23

    When did you leave Wimbledon and where did you go to school?
    Hope you like Spain.
    Are you full time author now?
    I am interested in all authors with connections with Wimbledon.
    Have you written for children or only adults?
    Look forward to hearing


    • Cristina
      7 October, 2017 @ 11:47

      Hi Michael! I went to the Ursuline High school, way back in the 90s. Spain’s great, but I do miss the UK, especially Wimbledon! Are you from Wimbledon too? I’d love to hear more about your project. My e-mail is:


      • Michael Norman-Smith
        7 October, 2017 @ 15:46

        Thank you for such an immediate response.
        I am Wimbledon bred,with family roots back 100 years.
        I came back to my family home after working elsewhere. Went to KCS,but Unis in Ulster,London,Bristol.
        Have collected over 40 writers including my mother and grandmother.
        Could you kindly clarify,you seem to be using a second name for your new book,is this correct,and any reason?
        Look forward to hearing.
        Incidentally,sorry but have yet to read novel,is bedsit in Wimbledon or elsewhere?

        I like cake too. Bought 3 yesterday for Macmillan Cancer
        Kind regards


        • Cristina
          7 October, 2017 @ 18:57

          Wimbledon will always be home to me. Please feel free to send me an e-mail with your writer’s list, I’d love to be part of it. All my work is under my name Cristina Hodgson. My debut novel “A little of Chantelle Rose” is set between London and L.A., and my short story “Simply Anna” is set in Kingston upon Thames. There is a mention of Wimbledon in my WIP though! ; )


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